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The importance of flat-knit and circular-knit for oedema
2 minutes
  Circular-knitted garments are produced seamlessly and spirally, while flat-knitted compression garments have a suture and can exert a high flat pressure on the leg using robust materials. In...
Postoperative compression garments - What you need to know
3 minutes
Are you planning to have plastic surgery or are you recovering from one? Do not forget that compression garments should be an essential part of post-operative aftercare. Compression therapy helps...
Lipedema E-book - everything you wanted to know about Lipedema
3 minutes
When a person has lipedema, their fat cells are larger than normal and do not respond to dieting or exercise. Fat cells can also become damaged due to poor circulation and surgery may be needed to...
Breast reduction surgery ‘one of the best things I’ve ever done!’
8 minutes
Why did you decide to have surgery? I was 45 when I had my surgery.  As an early developer, I’d had big boobs from a young age and after having children in my thirties they evolved into not...
ACTIVE leggings, why did we create them?
3 minutes
You probably already heard about the ACTIVE leggings and all the benefits they offer. But what is the story behind them? Alena Hradilova, the co-founder of LIPOELASTIC® was on a hunt for...
From a small Czech company to the world
1 minute
LIPOELASTIC opened the summer season with a phenomenal 20th birthday party. All the Czech and foreign teams met together with export partners and well-known surgeons to celebrate the milestone...
What you should know when recovering from a breast procedure.
4 minutes
According to recent studies, in 2020 there were over 3.2 thousand breast reduction procedures and 4.7 thousand breast augmentation procedures. The continued and rapid increase in the number of annual...
FDL Tummy Tuck; What to Expect?
8 minutes
Fleur De Lis surgery (FDL) is a type of abdominoplasty used in cases where it is necessary to remove excess skin in both vertical and horizontal directions, unlike traditional tummy tuck, where a...
Breast implant selection and post-surgical aftercare
5 minutes
Talking about plastic surgery, Boob greed has become a trending topic in online searches and social media. What is this phenomenon? Who is it affecting and why? We asked Dr Netri, a UK based surgeon,...
Brazilian Butt Lift: 5 Things to Know Before BBL Surgery
4 minutes
What is BBL surgery and how does it work  Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a specialised fat transfer surgery reshaping the buttocks without implants. The procedure starts with liposuction of...
Ms Anna De Leo about Patient Education, Breast Surgery, and Visual Arts
4 minutes
We are delighted to introduce to you to our next Expert of the Month, Ms Anna De Leo. Anna dedicated her career to guiding her patients throughout their plastic surgery journey. She strongly believes...
Scar treatment after cosmetic surgery
2 minutes
Scarring is our skin's natural reaction to damage, whether it is due to injury or surgery. Scar healing can be affected by several factors, such as the condition of the skin, depth of the tissue...
Vaser Liposuction: preparation, procedure, and aftercare
1 minute
Vaser liposuction is increasing in popularity as a less invasive, same-day cosmetic surgery that enables to shift of excess body fat in problematic areas. Manchester Private Hospital has been...
MLD and compression, the essentials of post-surgical aftercare.
4 minutes
This time we got together with Natalja Adrejeva, a London-based MLD therapist, and had a lovely chat about all things MLD. Do you want to know what exactly it is and why it is an important part of a...
5 tips how to choose the best compression garments
3 minutes
Are you planning to have plastic surgery? Did you know that wearing compression is a key part of post-operative care? Choosing the right compression garment can help to achieve the final results and...
Where to find information about breast enlargement – find your Boob Buddy
5 minutes
Breast enlargement is the most common cosmetic procedure carried out on women in the UK. Whether you are planning a breast surgery or recently had one, you have probably already spent quite a good...
Plastic surgery during and after Covid-19 pandemic
6 minutes
LIPOELASTIC chats with Dr. Rotsaert - How the pandemic has shaped plastic surgery and what are the international trends Dr. Veerle Rotsaert is one of the UK's leading female plastic surgeons and a...
We are open! Compression Boutique by LIPOELASTIC
2 minutes
After a series of never-ending lockdowns, we are finally ready to re-open the LIPOELASTIC Compression Boutique. From the 12th of April, our team can't wait to welcome you all to the new showroom...
How to diagnose Lipedema: Sharie Fetzer, Chair of Lipedema UK
5 minutes
Millions of women of all ages suffer from a condition called Lipedema. Sadly, the majority of them don’t know about it. Sharie Fetzer has decided to change that. Sharie is Chair of Lipedema UK;...
Not All Leggings Are the Same
2 minutes
The belief that leggings are worn only for exercise is no longer true. They have become part of the daily outfit of many of us. And no wonder! Properly selected leggings will make you look slimmer and...
A Day in the Active Leggings
1 minute
Do your legs feel tired and swollen? Are you trying to prevent the symptoms of cellulite? The Active leggings might be the right choice! Thanks to the compression, the leggings support blood...
3 proven tips to reduce cellulite
3 minutes
The consumption and excretion of water in the body should be in balance. However, due to lifestyle, hormonal changes and excessive stress, we often retain more water than is healthy. The feeling of...
Understanding compression class II  - interview with Cara Cruz (@palegingerpear)
1 minute
Cara, who suffers from Lympho-Lipedema conditions, opens up about her experience with compression therapy. In the following video, Cara explains her struggle to find the right size on compression...
"Interview with Diane, a breast cancer survivor open up about her journey and post-op care."
5 minutes
Recovery after surgery involves healing, both physically and emotionally, and the time this takes varies from person to person. Most people recover well after surgery with few significant side...
Design and production of postoperative compression bra
4 minutes
Are you intrigued by a new bra creation process? It’s a long and complicated path from the first idea to the final product. About that and much more is an article by Mr. and Mrs. Hradil, the...
Interview about importance of post-operative care after the breast surgery
1 minute
Augmentation is a considerable investment. Maybe that's why some women try to save money on post-operative care. Actually, the choice and use of compression garments have a significant effect on...
Living with LIPEDEMA – exclusive Interview with @curvygirlbeth
5 minutes
We met with Beth in January 2020 to introduce her to the LIPOELASTIC unique bespoke service as we previously discussed her struggle to find compression garments that fit her body shape. On this...
Dr. Leonardo Fasano about compression garments
5 minutes
If you are considering having liposuction, there is one thing that I mention during every consultation with a new patient. Wearing the garments during the recovery process is as important as the...
 "Even after 12 weeks the postoperative bra is my most favourite one," says  38-year old Jane.
7 minutes
Beautiful and full breasts are the pride of many women. Unfortunately, the appearance of décolletage is often subject to changes caused by motherhood, gravity and various other factors, which...
Recovery period after a surgery can be very uncomfortable. Be careful when choosing your postoperative garments!
4 minutes
Thirty-year-old mum Veronica felt upset about the size of her breasts for a long time. At the end of last year she finally decided to make her dream come true and she has undergone an augmentation....
Looking for post-operative compression garment with variable fastening? Choose VARIANT
3 minutes
100 people 100 likings. That’s why LIPOELASTIC® offers over 80 styles of compression garments with 3 different types of fastening. Who is the fastening with hooks and eyes suitable for and...
Livia, 38. A tummy tuck will bring back your slim look and confidence.
5 minutes
„Not even as a teenager did I have a tummy like this!“ Abdominoplasty after delivery, Livia, 38 Are you finding yourself among the mothers that feel like motherhood has left a mark on...
LIPOELASTIC garments: Which closure should I choose?
3 minutes
There are three fastening options on LIPOELASTIC compression garments. We would like to introduce them to you, in order to make the process of finding the right one easier for you : Comfort We...
Preventive mastectomy with immediate reconstruction by breast implants
2 minutes
Breast cancer is a serious disease that plagues many women. The risk of its formation is increased if the disease ever appeared within the family. This was also the case of Mrs Christine, who in...
Why to choose LIPOELASTIC® compression leggings
2 minutes
Are LIPOELASTIC® post-operative legging suitable as a post-operative compression garment? LIPOELASTIC® has been an expert in the compression garment field for over 17 years and thus our...
3 Easy Steps to Scar Care After Breast Surgery
3 minutes
Are you planning on having breast surgery and are worry about unpleasant scars? Even though a scar is a natural healing process of the skin, you can speed up the healing process and improve the...
Attention! Do you have the right postoperative bra?
4 minutes
LIPOELASTIC® postoperative compression bras are pure Czech handmade products. They have gone through constant innovations in last 16 years. That’s reflected by the experience of thousands...
I did not like the look of my sagging breasts, so I decided to undergo augmentation
4 minutes
Has Nature not been generous to you and are you considering breast enlargement? Mum Marketa has never been satisfied with the size of her breasts either. The final decision; however, was made after...
Materials UNIQUE are very advanced
1 minute
When LIPOELASTIC introduced the materials UNIQUE few years ago, they have become well established in plastic surgeries and the references by professional workplaces suggest that the UNIQUE...
LIPOELASTIC® is very proud to become BAAPS Corporate Partner for 2019
1 minute
We work very closely with aesthetic plastic surgeons and we educate public about the importance of good postoperative care. Therefore we are excited to share same goals as BAAPS and to spread the...
Lipedema – symptoms and diagnosis: How can I know that I have lipedema?
4 minutes
Lipedema is a chronic disorder that causes an abnormal build-up of fat deposits most frequently on the legs and arms, but also in the area of the buttocks and hips. The disease only affects women and...
3 steps to no more suffering from an imperfect breast. Help nature with no regrets!
2 minutes
Although women don’t talk about it much, very few are really happy with their breasts. Fortunately, plastic surgery is no longer a taboo today, and despite all the negative opinions, you would...
The experience of the man who underwent gynecomastia surgery
4 minutes
Enlargement of breast tissue, also known as gynecomastia, is a hormonal imbalance affecting more and more men. Surgical removal became a common plastic surgery. Peter (32) has a personal experience...
A safe, comfortable workout – protect your decollete in sports!
3 minutes
The fitness lifestyle not only includes tanned and muscular bodies, but also a beautiful and full cleavage! Did you join us in watching the journey of fitness competitor Magda Sívková...
6 reasons why surgical bras are half of the success of beautiful breasts. Read more!
2 minutes
Have you decided to give yourself a beautiful bust once and for all, but looking for information on how to get the best results? You have come to the right place! Avoid an unnatural shape To...
Augmentation myth No.1: It is enough to wear a sport bra after augmentation.
1 minute
Fact: A sports bra has been designed for sport--that's why it is called “a sports bra”!  Sports bras give sufficient support to breasts while doing sport. However, breasts that...
Aesthetic Awards 2017 - Best UK Subsidiary of a Global Manufacturer
1 minute
In 2017, Lipoelastic was nominated as a Finalist for the Aesthetic Awards 2017 - Best UK Subsidiary of a Global Manufacturer!   
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