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Livia, 38. A tummy tuck will bring back your slim look and confidence.
5 minutes
Do you find yourself amongst the mothers who feel that motherhood has left a mark on them? Would you like to regain the body you had once before your pregnancy? Livia is a mother of three beautiful...
3 Tips for Compression Garments: Plastic Surgery Recovery  .
2 minutes
At the heart of our mission is your well-being. Our compression garments prioritize your comfort and safety above all else. But have you ever considered the difference two garments could make? And how...
Men’s Plastic Surgery: Breaking Stereotypes.
3 minutes
Plastic surgery is no longer solely a woman’s game. According to ISAPS (International Society of Aesthetic Plastic Surgery) statistics, the number of men undergoing cosmetic procedures has been...
Postoperative compression garments - What you need to know
3 minutes
Are you planning to have plastic surgery or are you recovering from one? Do not forget that compression garments should be an essential part of post-operative aftercare. Compression therapy helps...
Breast reduction surgery ‘one of the best things I’ve ever done!’
8 minutes
Why did you decide to have surgery? I was 45 when I had my surgery.  As an early developer, I’d had big boobs from a young age and after having children in my thirties they evolved into not...
ACTIVE leggings, why did we create them?
3 minutes
You probably already heard about the ACTIVE leggings and all the benefits they offer. But what is the story behind them? Alena Hradilova, the co-founder of LIPOELASTIC® was on a hunt for...
From a small Czech company to the world
1 minute
LIPOELASTIC opened the summer season with a phenomenal 20th birthday party. All the Czech and foreign teams met together with export partners and well-known surgeons to celebrate the milestone...
Brazilian Butt Lift: 5 Things to Know Before BBL Surgery
4 minutes
What is BBL surgery and how does it work  Brazilian Butt Lift (BBL) is a specialised fat transfer surgery reshaping the buttocks without implants. The procedure starts with liposuction of...
Vaser Liposuction: preparation, procedure, and aftercare
1 minute
Vaser liposuction is increasing in popularity as a less invasive, same-day cosmetic surgery that enables to shift of excess body fat in problematic areas. Manchester Private Hospital has been...
Plastic surgery during and after Covid-19 pandemic
6 minutes
LIPOELASTIC chats with Dr. Rotsaert - How the pandemic has shaped plastic surgery and what are the international trends Dr. Veerle Rotsaert is one of the UK's leading female plastic surgeons and a...
We are open! Compression Boutique by LIPOELASTIC
2 minutes
After a series of never-ending lockdowns, we are finally ready to re-open the LIPOELASTIC Compression Boutique. From the 12th of April, our team can't wait to welcome you all to the new showroom...
Not All Leggings Are the Same
2 minutes
The belief that leggings are worn only for exercise is no longer true. They have become part of the daily outfit of many of us. And no wonder! Properly selected leggings will make you look slimmer and...
A Day in the Active Leggings
1 minute
Do your legs feel tired and swollen? Are you trying to prevent the symptoms of cellulite? The Active leggings might be the right choice! Thanks to the compression, the leggings support blood...
3 proven tips to reduce cellulite
3 minutes
The consumption and excretion of water in the body should be in balance. However, due to lifestyle, hormonal changes and excessive stress, we often retain more water than is healthy. The feeling of...
"Interview with Diane, a breast cancer survivor open up about her journey and post-op care."
5 minutes
Recovery after surgery involves healing, both physically and emotionally, and the time this takes varies from person to person. Most people recover well after surgery with few significant side...
LIPOELASTIC® is very proud to become BAAPS Corporate Partner for 2019
1 minute
We work very closely with aesthetic plastic surgeons and we educate public about the importance of good postoperative care. Therefore we are excited to share same goals as BAAPS and to spread the...
Augmentation myth No.1: It is enough to wear a sport bra after augmentation.
1 minute
Fact: A sports bra has been designed for sport--that's why it is called “a sports bra”!  Sports bras give sufficient support to breasts while doing sport. However, breasts that...
Aesthetic Awards 2017 - Best UK Subsidiary of a Global Manufacturer
1 minute
In 2017, Lipoelastic was nominated as a Finalist for the Aesthetic Awards 2017 - Best UK Subsidiary of a Global Manufacturer!   
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