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Choosing the Perfect Compression Bra for the Initial Weeks Following Breast Augmentation.

Have you undergone a breast augmentation and are hesitant about which post-operative compression bra to choose? Don’t you worry because we have some tips to help you decide!


Enjoy maximum comfort in our cotton bras

The first few days after a breast augmentation you will most appreciate the comfort and convenience of your post operative garment. That is why we have designed the PI special and the PI super cotton bras with your needs in mind. These two compression bras are loved by customers all over the world and are amongst our bestsellers. The cotton material is breathable, comfortable to wear and therefore a great choice for the first few weeks after surgery, which you will spend in recovery. We also know that the seams on your underwear can cause irritation to post-surgery scars, this is why we have applied our special heat-moulding technique to keep them smooth, seamless on the skin and free of bumps.

Tip: You can also use cotton bras even after your recovery period is over - they're the perfect companion for sleeping!


Add a pop of colour and comfort with our seamless-finish bras for everyday wear

We keep your comfort in mind throughout your recovery journey, which is why we have incorporated seamless technology into our bras. Women whose post-operative scars run underneath the breasts would most benefit from this design. Our seamless finish eliminates possible irritation of the post-operative scar and prevents the bra from rolling. It makes it the perfect choice for even the most active of days!

Fall in love with PI relax, which is trendy and unmissable due to its bold colour and design. You will also appreciate our PI perfect for everyday wear. The beige colourway guarantees discretion and invisibility under clothing.



After your recovery

You don't have to give up feeling confident even after your recovery!

Did you know that up to 80% of patients who have undergone augmentation have struggled to choose their first bra after recovery? That is why Alena Hradilova, together with the R&D team, designed the PI premium - the first ever sexy bra after breast augmentation. The PI premium fulfils everything a woman expects from a bra. It is sexy, elegant, and comfortable. At the same time, it provides the compression that many women have become accustomed to while wearing traditional post-surgery bras. This keeps breast implants fixed and secure.

Sexy black or elegant cream. Which one will you choose?

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